When is the GHC and when should I book my flights?

GHC starts on Friday, 26th August and ends on Tuesday, 30th August. Aim to fly in on the 26th August so that you have time to check in before our Opening Ceremony, and the first social night. However, if you aren't able to fly in on time to make it, our Academic Program begins on Saturday, 27th August.

How do i stay up to date on what's happening?

Follow our Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date! Links can be found at the bottom of the page or accessed here.


Where is the GHC being held?

GHC22 will be held in Melbourne, VIC. Our academic program will be held at Centrepiece, while our social nights will be held in a variety of amazing and classic Melbourne venues - keep your eyes peeled for more details out soon!

I've graduated and am now a doctor, can i still attend?

Yes! In 2022, the GHC will be welcoming our AMSA alumni to be a part of the festivities. Not only will we be opening tickets to our recent graduates, but we are building a program to facilitate your continued engagement in global health during your training years, a time when many of us easily lose our connection with this passionate and exciting aspect of our careers. Make sure to register your interest and keep an eye on the AMSA pages to avoid missing out!

What is the schedule for GHC?

Come and find out! We’ve got lots of plans in the works including some fantastic speakers, festival day and social nights. Details to be announced soon - follow our socials to keep updated as we slowly reveal our lineup!

What is included in full registration?

Full registration includes complete access to our incredible academic program, entry to exciting night-time socials at some of Melbourne's best venues, and access to our Festival Day.

Who is eligible to attend GHC22?

To attend you must be a medical student or junior doctor (AMSA alumni) in the year 2022. Current medical students will need to become a member of AMSA in order to register for GHC22. Register here:

When is registration?

Registration will open on Thursday, 19th May. Make sure you have this date bookmarked, highlighted, circled in your diaries!

What is the refund policy for GHC22?

Check back later!

What accommodation will be provided?

  • Punthill Apartments at one of 3 locations: Little Bourke, Manhattan, or Flinders Lane
  • Rooms range from 1-3 bedroom capacities. They have fully equipped kitchens with stovetops, microwaves and fridges

What is included in the accomodation packages?

  • Accommodation that is in close proximity to the academic venue & social night locations
  • Dinner for 4 nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) delivered directly to the apartment location you’re staying in

What food is provided during the academic days?

Lunch for Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Festival Day) and Tuesday is provided to all delegates.

Are dinners included?

Dinners are included if you purchase the accommodation package.

How do i get to the conference?

GHC22 will occur at various locations around Melbourne. The main chunk of the conference will be held at Centrepiece in Melbourne Park, which is accessible by train or tram. Centrepiece is a 15 minutes walk from either Richmond or Flinders Street Station, or is a 2 minute walk from the Rod Laver Arena stop, on the 70 tram line.

What transport is provided with registration?

Watch this space!

What is the best way to get around Melbourne?

PTV is Melbourne's pride and joy. There are a variety of train, tram and bus options to help you make your way to convention each day. Additionally, Melbourne CBD is currently part of an E-scooter trial, allowing conference goers to arrive at each location in style. Find out more through the link below:

How long will academics go for each day?

The academic program will be on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday of the event. On the Saturday and Sunday, the program will run from 9 am - 5:15 pm. On Tuesday, the academic program will be finished at 12pm followed by the closing ceremony.

Are there chances for me to have hands on experience?

At GHC, delegates will get many opportunities to learn, discuss and engage with various global health issues and topics. There are also many breakout sessions that will have interactive elements! Delegates will have opportunities to learn and practice hands-on skills so that you all leave the conference feeling better placed to tackle the current and future global health challenges.

What is a plenary session?

A plenary session is a presentation that's held in the main conference hall, where ALL the delegates attend. This is different to a breakout, where you will be in smaller groups and choose selected sessions to attend.

What areas of global health will GHC22 cover?

GHC is going to be covering a whole range of topics! Not to give too much away, but you can expect us to cover everything from infectious disease to queer health, to future technology! You’ll find out more by rego date so keep your eyes peeled.

What do you mean by 'limitless' ?

When we talk about our theme “Limitless”, we mean it in every possible way. We, as medical students, are limitless in our ability to create change, to learn, and to grow, but global health as a whole is also limitless in its scope and possibilities! There is limitless potential to make the world better, and improve the lives of others. While this can both be intimidating, and inspiring, at GHC we hope to make limitless feel closer, and more achievable, than ever.

Who are the speakers?

Shhhhhh - we can’t give away everything right now! What we can tell you is that our speakers and facilitators will be cutting edge, and leaders in their respective fields. And we promise there will be some names you’ll recognise 👀 - stay tuned to our social media for announcements about some of the HUGE names that will be presenting at our limitless conference this year!

Will I learn how to turn my passion into action?

Definitely! The academics program is an opportunity to not only learn about some of the most pressing and important global health issues, but a chance to learn ways to tackle them! From climate change to gender inequity, we’ll be giving you cutting edge perspectives of the problems, as well as strategies to combat these issues personally, as a community, and nationally. If you are super keen on action, Global Health Case Competition (GHCC) might be for you - but stay tuned for more info on that!

Can i ask the speakers questions?

Absolutely - our amazing IT team has put together a way to ask questions virtually, which allows you to ask our wonderful speakers questions either anonymously, or personally, all within reach of your mobile device - you’ll just need to download our app!

How many social nights are there?

There are 5 social nights after each day of academic events and also after Festival Day. Each night is at a different venue highlighting the unique culture in Melbourne and with a different theme that people can get creative with. There will be amazing musicians and varying entertainment so that everyone has an incredible time having fun and strengthening the relationships built during the day!

What is the dress code for social nights?

Each social night will have a different theme and delegates are encouraged to be creative with their costumes for each night! There will be prizes and honourable mentions for costumes that are unique so have fun with it! Keeping in mind however that you should be comfortable and warm as GHC22 will be during a Melbourne winter.

When is the cocktail night?

The Cocktail Night will be the culmination of all the social nights on the final night after the closing ceremony. It will be a chance for delegates to get dressed up in their finest attire and share some food, drinks and conversation with people that they have built relationships with over the 5 day conference, all within an amazing and truly unique Melbourne environment.

What is the servicevictoria app?

The free Service Victoria app is downloadable from the app store and assists the Victorian Department of Health in contact tracing. Many places in Victoria, as well as various events during GHC, will have a QR code displayed at the entrance that will require you to check in through the app. The app also allows you to display your COVID-19 digital certificate, so that you can quickly and easily show your proof of vaccination when checking in.

Will social distancing be adhered to during the conference?

GHC22 will be following the guidelines and laws of both Federal and State governments regarding social distancing during all our events. Our current venues have been carefully chosen to allow for social distancing measures, should these be required, and there will be clear signage on the day as well as up-to-date notifs sent through our app. Additionally, we will have hygiene stations placed strategically throughout GHC and will be keeping a record of all delegates for contact tracing.

What should i do if i arrive in melbourne and develop symptoms?

Check symptoms using the link provided above. It may advice you to go for testing and isolate, in which case, the list of Covid clinics can be found here.

Please get tested as soon as possible if you suspect symptoms, isolate immediately and practice COVID-safe behaviours in general, minimise the spread to others through hand hygiene, wearing a mask and distancing measures.

We will have ample hygiene stations throughout the convention, and will be keeping a record of all delegates for contact tracing. Additionally, should social distancing be required, there will be clear signage on the day.

What should i do if i arrive in melbourne and develop symptoms?

Symptoms of COVID-19 can range from mild to severe. Some people may recover easily, and others may become more seriously ill. If you test positive for COVID-19 you may experience:

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath

Other symptoms include:

  • Runny nose or congestion
  • Headache or fatigue
  • Muscle or joint pains
  • Nausea or loss of appetite
  • Diarrhoea or vomiting
  • Temporary loss of smell or altered taste 

Symptoms are similar to common illnesses, such as cold and flu, or allergies. 

Use the link below to find out more.