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Intro to Pronouns

What are pronouns? Well everyone has them, and theyโ€™re super important to someoneโ€™s identity! Hereโ€™s how to respect peopleโ€™s pronouns, and to make a safer environment for trans and gender diverse individuals through normalising pronouns!

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Decolonising Global Health

Global Health, in its current era, strives for equity and justice. Many of these goals are essentially trying to undo the damage that colonialism brought to countries throughout Africa, South America and South East Asia, as well as the indigenous populations of Australia, New Zealand and the United States (just to name a few)

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Academic News

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Disease and the Planet

Disease is present all over the world, and planetary health is intrinsically related to our health. In this theme, we explore the range of diseases that impact humanity, from infections to non-communicable diseases, and how they interact with the world around us


Within medicine we encounter people from all walks of life, with beautiful diverse cultures and their own histories. We need to understand these in order to provide culturally safe care, and to make healthcare accessible for everyone. In this theme, hear from lived experience of culture and history from an intersectional lens, understanding the interconnected and complex nature of heritage and identity, and its relationship to oneโ€™s health and the healthcare system.

Global and Future threats to health

There are many issues that are not only impacting us in the current moment, but have incomprehensible and immense impacts on our health and our planet in the future. Climate change, the use of plastics, geopolitics, and more, are looming problems that seem insurmountable, and it can be difficult to figure out where to start. In this theme, youโ€™ll be upskilled on how to create change, understand the many factors affecting our health and our environment, and hopefully give you a place to begin your advocacy.ย 

Mind and Body

The mind and the body are inextricably linked, and the intersectionalities between mental and physical health with different communities are vast and fascinating. In this theme, learn about the importance of mental health as future doctors, how disability shapes health and life, and how we can be more sensitive towards trauma.

The Intangibles

This is a collection of our most limitless, futuristic and action packed breakouts, all united by their diversity. These breakouts will focus on topics such as putting global health advocacy into action, artificial intelligence in medicine, and writing and research in global health.

Identity, Anatomy and medicine

Respecting peopleโ€™s identity is so important in medicine, but often not well taught in medical school. Queer health and Gender inclusive healthcare should be pillars of medical practice, and someoneโ€™s sexual and gender identity form incredibly important aspects of their identity, and should be acknowledged for their importance. In this theme, learn about queer health, gender diverse experiences, obstetrics and gynecology and how this field interacts with different communities and identities, and more.