What is GHC22?

The Global Health Conference (GHC) is one of the largest events run by the Australian Medical Student Association (AMSA).

The 18th AMSA GHC will be held in Melbourne August 26th-30th 2022. The event will host hundreds of medical student delegates from across Australia and New Zealand for five days that involves an inspiring academic program, enchanting festival day and captivating social nights. The theme of this year’s event is limitless.

Our theme, β€œLimitless” is exactly what we ask our delegates to be. Limitless in passion. Limitless in instigating change. Limitless in potential. GHC22 will be a daring and fearless step into the unknown, to face the complex challenges of global health. We want our delegates to disrupt norms, to connect, to empower and to be unbounded by the conventional. 

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Interplanetary Challenge

Festival Day

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