Festival Day

What's on?

Festival Day is an opportunity to relax, meet fellow delegates and learn some new skills at Timberyard on Monday 29th August! Explore our interactive workshops and DIY craft stalls. We’ll also have live music and supply you with lunch from our lovely food trucks to keep you entertained and well fed.


Emergency Medical Challenge


For the VERY FIRST TIME, GHC22 is incorporating the challenging and invigorating Emergency Medical Challenge (EMC) into Festival Day. 

It will prompt delegates to think above and beyond in emergency situations, with a unique Global Health twist. Testing clinical skills and problem solving, it will be unlike any other experience in medical school. Gather some friends and represent your university to take home the crown!

Workshops, Stalls & activities


Find a wide and compelling variety of workshops, stalls and activities to be immersed in as we feature some of Melbourne’s most unique, most helpful and most educational instructors as you get the opportunity to lean new skills and DIY to your hearts content, after all you do need a souvenir to take home right?



Join us for the final showdown, in a must not miss battle for the crown as the remaining two teams joust it out for the ultimate prize!

Cheer or jeer them on as they take on our toughest challenge yet, will your uni reign supreme or simply bite the dust in a  thrilling test of your skills and resolve

Live Music


Enjoy a slice of Melbourne’s best local acts throughout the day as you explore what Timberyard has to offer. 

There’s no shortage of talented acts around the country right now and with a broad variety of acts from street performers to our grungiest Brunwickiest offerings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Food Trucks


Bringing together a unique selection of our favourite food trucks from across Melbourne we’re sure you’re going to enjoy what these vibrant and authentic food havens have to serve up!

Including local favourites such as the Dolly Bus, Pasta Face, Cheer Toastie Truck we’re sure you’re going to love what they have to offer.

Oh and did we mention that the first one’s on us?



Phew. The first part of the day is officially over, relax and head home or out to see some of the legendary hustle and bustle that Melbourne has to offer. But hurry back, because by 6 we expect you all to be in your most Neverlandish costumes and ready for a night that never ends (well spiritually the actual night will have to come to a close).

Welcome to Neverland @ Timberyard


Welcome to Neverland!

In the spirit of the boy who never grew up, his guardian fairy and their rag-tag crew of friends we present a magical night at the Timberyard that we’re confident you’ll never want to end.



Uh-oh, why do we here ticking? Guess we’d better get out of here before that pesky and carnivorous crocodile catches up with us. And although this signals an official end to the scheduled events of the day, doesn’t mean you have to head home, the bars of Brunswick or the cocktail cathedrals of Chapel Street are a mere ride away and don’t forget to sample what the CBD has to offer on your way back!


beeswax wrap stall

DIY your very own beeswax wrap from scratch! Better yet, you get to take it home to enjoy the wonders of this reusable and environmentally friendly alternative to cling wrap!

Stress Busting Salts

Learn to make your very own stress-busting rosemary and essential oil bath salt with us at our DIY bath salt stall and elevate your next bath!

Knitting Workshop

This is a workshop where delegates can get crafty and learn the basics of crocheting and knitting with the help of members from CastOn Charity Group.

Terracotta Painting

A workshop where you can get your creative juices flowing!! Simply paint on one of our terracotta pots anything you want!

Henna workshop

This is where you can have a quick crash course on how to henna using stencils and get to take home with you a conne of henna to keep practicing! This will be led by Henna By Maham

Good Brew Kombucha Brewing

The Good Brew Company, a local Kombucha will be holding a workshop to delegates interested in learning the ins and outs of kombucha making at their stall (11am and 2pm), where you can purchase and take home with you your own Kombucha brewing kit!


Hip-Hop with Jonathan Law

Dancing for over 14 years, Jonathan specialises in high energy street styles complimented with hints of lyrical and martial arts components. An Environmental Scientist and Advisor by day, he is also personally passionate about environmental public health and is really looking forward to teaching dance workshops at AMSA Global Health Conference.

Good Brew Kombucha Brewing

The Good Brew Company, a local Kombucha will be holding a workshop to delegates interested in learning the ins and outs of kombucha making at their stall (11am and 2pm), where you can purchase and take home with you your own Kombucha brewing kit!


Cooking demonstrations with Doctors for Nutrition

Established in 2018, Doctors For Nutrition is the only independent not-for-profit organisation that is bringing evidence-based nutrition into healthcare within Australia and New Zealand. We provide healthcare professionals and students with the knowledge, tools, skills and connections to advocate for, and support a transition to whole food plant-based nutrition with their patients and within their institutions.

AUSLAN with Australian Medical Sign Language Association

Come learn and have fun with experienced tutors and learn how to communicate using sign language.


Giant Jenga and darts with Body Buddies

Enjoy some fun games with the Body Buddies Team,  founded with the mission of health awareness & giving back to the community. 

Laughing Yoga with Let’s Laugh

Described as the world’s happiest gentle exercise and stress management program, Let’s Laugh Laughter programs prove that you can take your physical and mental wellbeing seriously while you’re having fun.

Circus experience with Ruccis Circus

Have the circus come to you and learn with the entertainers over at Rucci’s Circus. Enjoy the roving performers including stilt walkers, acrobats, jugglers and more!

Can't wait to see you there