Fever in a returned traveller

Fever in a returned traveller From a public health perspective, a fever in a returned traveller always warrants the question ‘does this patient need to be isolated?’ And more… This holiday, I hope I was not the only one noticing that my entire social media feed had been flooded with pictures of friends and family […]

Intro to Pronouns

What are pronouns? Well everyone has them, and they’re super important to someone’s identity! Here’s how to respect people’s pronouns, and to make a safer environment for trans and gender diverse individuals through normalising pronouns!

Decolonising Global Health

Global Health, in its current era, strives for equity and justice. Many of these goals are essentially trying to undo the damage that colonialism brought to countries throughout Africa, South America and South East Asia, as well as the indigenous populations of Australia, New Zealand and the United States (just to name a few)